New Patients Welcome

WELCOME TO OUR CLINIC! It is a privilege to serve your health care needs.

Naturopathic physicians are guided by a foundational principle of medicine, "Primum non nocere", Latin for "first do no harm".

Our clinic sees people in all stages of health and wellness. Many seek our help for general health and prevention as well as acute illnesses and serious intractable diseases that are not getting better with conventional treatments.

Whatever your reasons for seeing us, our commitment is to provide you with the best quality health care that integrates safe, effective, nontoxic traditional medicines and healing modalities with modern science and evidence-based medicine. We make the effort and take the time to understand your personal medical history, unique symptoms, and specific circumstances. Our belief is that understanding, respect, and trust are fundamental in providing the best care.

We offer a variety of progressive traditional and interventional diagnostic and therapeutic services. Treatments and recommendations are always tailored to your specific needs and requirements. We do not believe in an across-the-board one-size-fits-all treatment approach. We see you as a whole person and believe that your biochemical and genetic individuality is best served by an individualized approach to your specific health care needs.

We are constantly learning and striving to improve and enhance the information and guidance that we provide. No matter what your health challenge may be, we are ready and prepared to help you deal with it.

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