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When you visit the team at Dr. Brkich's office you are being welcomed into a family that lives the life they recommend.

Dr. Brkich and his wife Gaetana Deni have worked together as long as the Doctor has been in practice. Gaetana's sister, Anne, has worked with them since the beginning. The "twins" are passionate about physical fitness and are often seen sharing a Sunday morning run on the streets of Prince George.

Gaetana Deni, Director of Clinical Services

Gaetana Deni fills the role of Clinic Director. She has a diploma in dietetics and has studied Health Care Economics at the University of Calgary. Gaetana held positions as dietary supervisor at both the Foothills Hospital and Alberta Children’s Hospital in Calgary. She was proud to be a part of the organization and development of the 1988 Olympics by providing nutritional services for athletes. Previously, Gaetana worked at the University Hospital of Northern British Columbia as a dietary supervisor. While Dr. Brkich was obtaining his N.D. degree, she worked in a naturopathic medical clinic and at the National College of Natural Medicine in Portland, Oregon.

Gaetana believes that her greatest asset is the compassion she has gained through personal experience with illness in her family. Longstanding infertility issues in her own life have given her a deeper understanding of the challenges that patients may face. Gaetana considers giving birth to a healthy baby girl at the age of 48 among her greatest accomplishments.

Anne Deni, Co – Director of Clinical Services; Director of the Dispensary

Anne (Tonina) Deni holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Food and Clinical Nutrition from the University of Alberta. She has worked as a nutritional counselor for conventional and naturopathic physicians since the late 1980's. She maintains a strong focus on gastro-intestinal disorders as well as geriatrics and sports nutrition.

Anne has been with Dr. Brkich since 1994 as the Co-director of Clinical Services. Anne's passion for understanding the causes of and the search for cures for gastro-intestinal disorders was sparked by her father's long suffering with Crohn's disease.

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