What our patients are saying...

"My daughter Reaghan had been unwell for 2 years. For two years we had no success with our family doctor in diagnosing her condition. Her condition had gone completely undetected until Dr. Brkich ordered investigative tests. My daughter's symptoms went away and her quality of life improved after seeing Dr. Brkich. The undiagnosed infection that she was suffering from is gone. Reaghan is now able to concentrate on being 14 and is having fun. What stood out in particular for me on how we were treated during our visits to the clinic is that Dr. Brkich listens to his patient's and takes the time to investigate and test for underlying issues. Dr. Brkich always explained in detail test results, action plans and the alternatives, and answered any questions we had. We never left the office without understanding exactly what we were to do before the follow-up appointment. Would I recommended Dr. Brkich and his clinic team to my friends and family? Yes! Knowledgeable, friendly, attentive service by Dr. Brkich and his staff."
~Teresa Derksen, Prince George, B.C.

"I first went to Dr. Brkich a couple of years ago with a few problems but one of the most significant was insomnia. I had trouble getting and staying asleep. By the time I found Dr. B I was totally reliant on sleeping pills prescribed by my family physician. I could not achieve REM and was pretty much at my wits end. I did not want to be dependent on drugs for the rest of my life if there was another way. Dr. B gave me a better way and along with it my life back.

The good doc has continued to help me with other problems that conventional medicine cannot or will not touch. I have been amazed when in a short time Dr. B has accomplished what conventional doctors have given up on.

He has never belittled me or made me feel crazy or less than what I am, which is far more than I can say about a lot of other so called 'professionals' in the medical field. In fact just the opposite is true. I feel empowered, hopeful, and light hearted when I leave Dr. B's office. His staff, like Dr. B, are amazing people without airs and ego to trip over.

While there is a place for conventional medicine, it tends to have big limits and often its followers forgo prevention and rely heavily on treating symptoms rather than fixing the problem at its root. Unfortunately conventional doctors, more often than not, when they can't fix the problem they tend to blame the patient and (more shockingly) sometimes ostracize the poor sufferer rather than admit defeat themselves. Dr. B looks for the root and builds up the body rather than tear it down along with the problem. His approach is as it should be. He does it with respect and kindness. That, in itself, goes a long way toward healing. It is a real shame that more doctors don't offer this level of care and dedication. If they did there would be a lot less illness and a tremendous amount of money saved in health care.

With greatest appreciation for all you have done and continue to do for me. Thank you from the bottom of my heart."
~Cheryl F.

"For some 14 years I had so much pain in my legs, and tried much medication, without relief. In October of 2007, the pain became unbearable, no mater what was tried it made no difference - pain was excruciating.

On the advice of a family friend, I made an appointment to see you (Dr. Lawrence Brkich). On the first visit, you (Dr. Brkich) found the problem.

#the excruciating went out of the pain #

What a great relief. I feel very well, I have my energy back, and pain does not rob me of sleep ---a new lease on life. It is a great blessing at 77 years of age to feel so well, just because I am aging, I need not suffer so, there is help to be had. I invite people to come forward and get that help. What have we to lose? ----so much to gain.

It was a blessed day I took that step to your office. My sincere thanks for your kindness and care."
~ Anne-Marie, Prince George, B.C.

"As I sit in my office and contemplate how to accurately and succinctly capture in words what Dr. Brkich has meant to the health and well-being of me and my entire family, an email solicitation trumpeting the wonders of several "health and wellness" products serendipitously comes to my in-box. In a flash, part of Dr. Brkich's amazing ways, his incredible ability to isolate, pinpoint, exactly identify core problems and offer truly doable solutions crystalizes in my mind: unlike this message from the internet, he is not just trying to sell a product or push a line of them; he is not seeking to get rich at the expense of his patients with expensive, untested solutions; he does not promote short-term solutions, symptom-oriented, "quick fix" products, or offer trendy, medical-sounding answers with no empirical foundation of research support. Dr. Brkich has given us help, hope, answers, more answers, and then more answers. In a consultation, he often will ask more questions than anything else, gathering information, sifting, evaluating, cross-checking. Our family has been through 6 doctors which are covered by my job's "conventional" medical plan; not one of them, not even one at any time, has ever asked most of the questions, or considered most of the causes or conclusions, that Dr. Brkich has done over and over during the years we have consulted with him. He has willingly and openly shared with us impressive research that clearly undergirds and supports his diagnoses and conclusions; when we have attempted to discuss such findings with our "conventional" doctors, they have, categorically, either denied the validity of such research, or, as is more often the case, expressed ignorance of such research or the existence of such data. And, I must hasten to add here, these are not esoteric issues not readily known about, but have been such common areas as: blood pressure, colesterol, body hydration, and inflammation.

Dr. Brkich did not beg, cajole, or plead with us to write about him and his work. It is a joy and an honor to do so. He and his staff have made such a difference in the quality of our lives, in the maintenance of our health, in our increased understanding of how our bodies and their complex systems function, that we feel it would be wrong to not try and encourage others to have the same opportunities as we to avail themselves of such outstanding health care.

My dear wife has some very complicated, chronic health issues for which Dr. Brkich has given incredible help. His tenacity and perspicacity have made such an amazing difference for her!"
~Bryan M., California

"Our family began seeing Dr. Brkich when our first born son was being treated for asthma. Dr. Brkich was extremely thoughtful and took time to educate us on how our body worked and the effects of nutrition on our body. Having had several negative experiences with the medical system, it was such a relief to be able to find someone who was interested in looking at the whole picture - family, stress, nutrition, exercise, work. We have 4 children now and trust Dr. Brkich to be our primary care-giver for the whole family. Dr. Brkich was able to establish rapport with us quickly, he has emotional strength and maturity, good communication skills, is conscientious and has our trust and confidence. The office staff completes the experience by welcoming all of us. They are very friendly and helpful with our children. They make us feel like family. They are sensitive to the cost of alternative healthcare and will help us to prioritize our needs. We contact Dr. Brkich first in an emergency. We know we can trust the office staff and Dr. Brkich to take our concerns seriously; they are always willing and able to help right away from earaches to the flu to burns to an infected cut. As well, the whole team has excitedly nurtured us through 3 healthy pregnancies plus our post-natal and nursing nutrition needs. We have learned so much over the last 10 years from Dr. Brkich and Anne Deni about nutrition and general body health in all stages and ages. We have also become knowledgeable in how to treat our family's illnesses successfully using herbs and homeopathy thanks to Dr. Brkich and Anne. They are always up to date on the latest research, the staff attend conferences and are excited to teach others and pass on the newly acquired knowledge. Dr. Brkich has frequently recommended a vitamin or nutritional regime important for our body way ahead of the mainstream medical community. We know that the supplements we are taking are the best that are available to us and it is nice to be able to trust that someone qualified has put effort into product research so you know you are putting into your body exactly what it says on the label. Dr. Brkich doesn't just prescribe supplements. He helps you learn for yourself how the body works and what it needs. How we view food today has completed changed from before we knew Dr. Brkich. We are a very healthy, active family of 6 and my son no longer has any issues with asthma. We now are living out of the province but the office staff, once again, has been very accommodating. We are able to do appointments via skype and nutritional supplement orders are mailed to us and arrive very quickly. We strongly believe that seeing Dr. Brkich is a vital part of our family's overall health and well-being."
~A. & M. Davy, Edmonton, Alberta

"I am a college student that has had trouble with my digestive system for years, including chronic constipation, and none of the regular doctors I saw ever seemed to have many answers except to take drugs like Zelnorm. That is when I realized I did not want to be dependent on drugs and decided to talk to Dr. Brkich. He has helped me so much, it's hard to imagine the problems I used to live with. He was so different compared to other doctors. While many only have time for a short 15 minutes, Dr. Brkich took as much time as we needed to thoroughly get to know me and my problems as well as follow up on them. There is no comparison to others in the way he listened and really sought to understand the reasons behind the symptoms. He is always very professional and makes me feel very comfortable with him. All the treatments he has suggested have been outside of prescriptions and antibiotics. They are all either natural foods or supplements, many that I can get in my own health food store. I can attest to the fact that they are much better for my body than anything else I have ever tried. Dr. Brkich has helped me to fortify and sustain my digestive system. I no longer live on laxatives everyday just so I can have a bowel movement. I am so thankful I went to see Dr. Brkich and cannot express my thanks enough for all he has done for me."
~Marella M., Champagne, Illinois

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